Foolproof Measuring Guides
Be sure and measure your feet, and check the sizing charts either on our home page, or on the items individual pages.
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Chestnut tan
9844 Mens Tall Boots
Chestnut tan
129844 Women's Tall Boots
Available in Black, Blue, Burgundy, and Pink
129844+ Women's Tall Boots
Cocoa Cinnamon Shearling
N07-83T Moccasins


Chestnut Tan
89203 Moccasins

Chestnut tan
8929 Moccasin's
Chestnut tan
9906 Men's Scuff Slippers
Chestnut tan
9601L Women's Scuff Slippers
Chocolate Brown
9601CB Women's Scuff Slippers
9601R Women's Scuff Slippers
Chiffon Blue
9601BE Women's Scuff Slippers
9601P Women's Scuff Slippers
Dark Chocolate
N08-93-BN Women's Scuff Slipper
Chestnut tan
9813M Men's Smooth Toe Slippers
Chestnut tan
9813L Women's Smooth Toe Slippers
Chestnut tan
HS03M Men's Slippers
HS03-L Women's Slippers
Cocoa Cinnamon
N09-75B-M Men's Booty Slippers
N09-75B-L Women's Booty Slippers
Cocoa Cinnamon
N09-75-M Men's Soft Sole Slippers
N09-75-L Women's Soft Sole Slippers
9778-M Men's Soft Sole Slippers
9778-L Women's Soft Sole Slippers
Chestnut tan
9907-M Men's Dress Style Dunstin Slipper
210 Inner Soles
Car Wash Mitt
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New Women's Sheepskin Shearling Scuff Slippers
 Chestnut Tan, Chiffon Blue, Chocolate Brown, Pink Rose, Burgundy, & Black
Made with Genuine Australian Sheepskin Shearling Fur and Suede Leather
 Women's Size's 5-6, 6.5-7.5, 8-9, 9.5-10.5
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Please note: Our new batch of burgundy slippers are more of a burgundy brown.
I call it "Copper Cinnamon. It's Beautiful"






Make No Mistake About It Foolproof Measuring Guide

Shoes are made all over the world these days, and sizing may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and even within styles from the same manufacturer. The best way to make sure you are getting the right size is to measure your feet. We are one of the very few who give you a foolproof method; we give you the actual dimensions. Now you can shop with armchair convenience and not have to worry about making a mistake.

The chart below shows you that your foot should measure 1" to 1 1/2" shorter than the heel to toe outside measurement. 
These have an open heel, so if you are in between sizes move up to the next size. Since these are hand made, measurements may vary just a tiny bit.  
Shoe Size Heel to Toe Outside Measurement of Shoe Your Foot Should Measure
Ladies Size 5-6 9 1/2" 8 to 8 1/2"
Ladies Size 6.5-7.5 10 1/4" 8 3/4" to 9 1/4"
Ladies Size 8-9 10 5/8" 9 1/8" to 9 5/8"
Ladies Size 9.5 to 10.5 11 1/2" 10" TO 10 1/2"
Warm and Comfortable
These instantly become your favorite shoes.

Waterproof Non Slip Bottoms Just Like Boat Shoes

Affordable Luxury Every Day Wear
You transition for wearing heels, or dress shoes most of the time, to finding places where you can enjoy the comfort of wearing something more comfortable. First sneakers, and then you slip out of a pair of sneakers, and into a pair of these scuffs, and your immediate feeling is wow, what a comfortable feeling. Now you will wear these most of the time. They have a thick, rubbery, waterproof bottom, so you don't even have to worry about wearing these out after a good rain. They are so warm, with socks on, they more than make up for an exposed heel, even in frigid weather. They are great during the summer too, either sockless or with ankle socks. The shearling wicks away moisture, and keeps your feet protected from the hot pavement. They truly will be your preferred year around inside, and outside footwear. You may even want to get a second pair, just for wearing inside. 
Hand Made Quality and Comfort
Nothing matches the ruggedness and comfort of enclosing your feet in real fur.

These are hand made with genuine Australian sheepskin shearling, and suede leather, not to be confused with cheaper  imitations.

These are not just fur trimmed, they are thick shearling fur lined throughout.

They are super warm.

Built To Last
Consider where the materials came from; shearling and suede. Created by nature, soft and warm, yet tough enough to withstand the harshest winters. How can you compare the insulating qualities of wearing dress shoes, or sneakers, with a pair of these? The shearling was meant to withstand sub zero temperatures, while standing in the middle of a field in a snow storm.  If you plan on wearing them out a lot, you can use, any one of the popular spray on, suede conditioners. They not only waterproof the material, they make it easy to clean up, if you spill anything on them.

Hand Stitched Tops with real suede leather uppers, for long wear, and added comfort. One of the reasons why these become your favorites is that they completely cover your feet, yet they are easy to slip in and out of.

Could you imagine slipping your feet into these?



The beauty is in the proportions, and these look great at every angle.  

Pillows For Your Feet
The moment you slip these on, your immediate thought will be, "I'm buying another pair". You may find that you want a pair of these in your other favorite colors. It really does feel like you just stepped into pillows for your feet. The natural materials will adjust to your foots shape, and after a day of wearing them, they will fit like a glove. The thick shearling will compress, and relax under the pressure points, while still providing plush comfort in your arch for added support.

If I had to describe in one sentence what makes these so unique, and better than the rest, it is simple, it is the highest quality out there for the very best price. Sure cheaper ones are made, but not anywhere near this quality. Simply put; it's the best for less!

True Value

First in quality and materials

Stop in your local department store, and you will find that comparable boot style slippers, with genuine shearling are selling for twice the price of what they are selling for here, or more; yes even quite a bit more. They also carry lesser quality, with fake fur insides, made of rayon etc. that are not as warm, don't last as long, or look, or feel as good, for the same price, that we are selling these.
I used to wear the cheaper store bought ones, and they wore out, after less than a year. These are truly fine quality, look at the pictures

Why are they priced so reasonably?
Wool Works just like brand A imports top grade Australian shearling, and suede into one of China's preferred manufacturers, where they are hand made, to our exacting specifications. Why not take advantage of China's pennies on the dollar labor rate, and pass that savings on to you. Designer quality for less.

Cost Comparison Chart

Comparable Shearling Scuff Slippers with Rubber Sole



Brand A


Brand B


Wool Works


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