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Privacy Notice & Agreement
Last updated: March 13, 2010

The following describes the Privacy Policy & Agreement in which hereinafter called "site" "we" and "our" offers you access to our services. 
We are aware that people are concerned about how the information you submit to us is used and shared, and we respect your privacy, and appreciate you entrusting us with its care.  

1. So What Do We Share?
We do not sell mailing lists to outside third party vendors, nor do we share information with those who wish to purchase lists from us for marketing purposes, except in the normal course of doing business with us, as in for example, sharing your information with our credit card processing providers such as Pay Pal, our employees or third party fulfillment/shipping partners, our affiliates, or on those occasions, that you specifically allow us, or tell us to do so.
2. Information received by us.
When you as a user or visitor of this site, inputting various information we reserve the right to retain that information. The information we receive, whether it be by your input directly on our site, by email transmissions, information request form submittals, or by alpha-numeric identifiers, better known as cookies, or any other means of input, whether it be by us directly or by our screening informational sources, or server providers, all help us to better serve and protect our customers. You may choose not to provide us with certain information, but then it is not always possible to provide you with all of our features. You have the option to turn off cookies in your web browser, and their are a number of programs that enable you to visit a web site anonymously. If you choose to use those programs, we will not be able to automate some of our features, and you will need to re-input all information each time you visit us. 
3. Additional input
In order to use our site, visitors and users input additional various data that we may retain, including but not limited to services, searches, data input, email transmissions, using our information submittal form, when posting your name, company name and phone number in a display profile, your various descriptions of your services, property, options, condition and general information, your phone number by anyone who uses this site, calls our company phone, or who has a toll free number, including the date, time of your call and the phone number that you called from, and any information from our credit card processing services, which may provide us with email addresses, names and street addresses, or any other input provided us, in your course of doing business with us, including but not limited to those whom we refer through links on this site, for use of their services. 
4. Product Reviews
If you chose to submit a product review, we may post your geographic location, but we will not post your email address with your review. The user name that you created when you signed up with our site may also be posted. You have the ability to change your user name to a fictitious name, or use your real name. In addition, any personally identifiable information that you choose to submit as part of your review can be read by others. We encourage you to create reviews without any personally identifiable information.
5. Other Businesses or Affiliates That We Do Not Control
The convenience of products or services, that are provided from this site through links, are made available through cooperative arrangements with companies who specialize in those services, certain information may be transmitted to, or by us for fulfillment of those services-agreements. It is understood and agreed that we do not control the privacy policies of those sites, or declare those to be the same as ours, even though they may be referred by us. Please consult their individual sites, for further information pertaining to their user, and privacy agreements. 
6. Emails 
By visiting, using this site, or sending us emails, you are communicating with us electronically. You also agree to allow us to communicate electronically to you, by either email, or posting notices on our site. You agree that all such postings, or emails, or electronic communications, shall be considered satisfying any requirements that you be contacted in writing. If you do not choose to receive email or any mail by us, please let us know in writing. (If you do not wish to receive revisions of our user agreement, or privacy notice, it is your responsibility to check our site for updates or postings, and you agree to be bound by them.)
Users or visitors to this site, agree to not use spam, or add emails acquired in the normal course of business on this site, to any spam lists, other than those that the user specifically opted into, to be included, or received. 
7. Page View Counters
Although we rarely place open page view counters on any of our pages, we reserve the right to do so as an option, for example visiting a listing, or a feedback page, or any data with our submittal forms, we may place page view counters at the bottom of those pages, that lets us and all viewers know how many people have visited that page. We do not normally do that, whereas we have web statistics from the server that provides us with the information as to traffic patterns through the site, and you acknowledge, that data is available to us.
8. Log files
In the normal course of using your computer, web servers automatically recognize your internet URL from which you access our sites. We may also keep a log of IP (Internet Protocol) address, and or service provider, as well as a date and time stamp in order to fulfill your order verification, administration, specific marketing measuring, and troubleshooting. You understand that your IP address may indicate the specific location of your computer on the internet.

9. Transferring of Assets or a Business
In the course of business, we may acquire additional companies or business units. As part of those transactions, existing business customer information is one of those transferable assets, that we may acquire. Conversely, if in the unlikely event that this site is acquired by an outside party, customer information, will be one of the transferred assets, but if that happens, your personal information will be subject to the Privacy Policy in effect.
10. Protecting Our Safety and the Safety of Others 
We reserve the right to exchange information with other agencies, companies, or organizations for fraud protection and credit risk reduction. We also release information that we believe is necessary to comply with the law, and or fulfill the terms and conditions of this privacy statement, or our User and Visitor Agreement. Notwithstanding, we do not share personal information for commercial purposes in violation of the commitments, as spelled out in this privacy notice. 
11. Children's Use of the Site
This site does not sell its services to children. We only sell to adults, and if anyone under the age of 18 chooses to use this site, they must do so with the oversight and involvement of a parent or guardian. 
12. Revisions, Notices, and User Conditions 
By visiting or using this site you agree that your visit, or use is subject to this Privacy Notice/Policy, and our Conditions of use, user Visitor Agreement, including limitations on damages, arbitration of disputes, and application of the law of the state of Pennsylvania. Please contact us with any concerns you may have about your privacy, and we will attempt to resolve it. 
13. Amendments and Changes
Our business is an evolving medium, and though we may find it necessary to make updates and changes to our user agreements, and you agree to those terms and conditions, predicated by your continued use, we will not make changes that materially affect your protection of your information, without first asking for the consent, either through emails, or by posting the newly revised agreements on this site, with their date of publication. 
14. How We May Use Your Information
We use your personal information to fulfill the services you request, or in any files we maintain about you, or from any activities you have participated on this site. At times we may look across multiple users to resolve disputes, improve fair trading, collect any monies owed, troubleshoot problems, measure your interest in online products or services, inform you about online products, services, updates, or offers, inspect and protect against fraud, or enforce our agreements. We may compare your personal information from within our site, and from other sources, to determine their accuracy, and any errors or omissions. 
We may gather user information in order to determine those areas of interest, that may be beneficial to our users, and service providers, who are attempting to target users interests. Specific information, such as your name, email address, are NOT disclosed to third parties in a personally identifiable manner without your written consent, and your credit card numbers or financial information is never disclosed, except in the normal course of business conducted here, and it is limited by the conditions as stated in this agreement.  
Outside vendors may require some of your information in order to fulfill tasks, such as providing services, shipping or fulfillment of products, or any other procedures that we may sublet, or subrogate to third parties, including collections. We can not guarantee that those vendors adhere to the same privacy and user guidelines that we adhere to, please refer to their individual policies. For example we may provide your name, shipping address, email, and phone number to shipping partners such as the US Postal Service, Federal Express or other carriers, and we do so in the normal course of filling orders, but also in order to improve our services, and also to measure the quality of the third party service providers.

15. Legal Requirements
This site may use your information in order to cooperate with legal authorities, or other parties, in order to protect and enforce laws, such as fraud, intellectual and copyrights. Therefore in response to a request by any legal authority or government official, pertaining to any alleged illegal activity or criminal investigation, you agree and authorize, that we can disclose any personal information provided to us via the descriptions of various input methods contained herein, without a subpoena. In respect to your privacy, we will not disclose to any third party, your information, without a subpoena, or court or legal order, except as stated above, or in the case that we believe in good faith, that the necessary disclosure will help prevent imminent physical or financial loss, or in order to report suspected illegal activity. Therefore we can, and you authorize us to disclose your name, street address, city, state, zip code, email, and any other pertinent information that we may deem appropriate or necessary in the investigation of a fraud, infringement, or any other illegal activity. 
We use technical safeguards, including multiple layers of firewalls, both hardware and software based, secure socket layer encryption, passwords, and permissions, and further safety and privacy tools in place by our site service providers. All data placed or derived from our site is considered information that must be protected against loss or unauthorized use. Even though we employ various technologies to protect this site, we understand and agree that "perfect security" does not exist on the internet or elsewhere. 
17. Notices 
We reserve the right to amend or change this agreement at any time, but posting the revised version on this site. All amendments shall be effective within 30 days of posting them on the site, or for any new services performed, or renewed, on or after the posting date, whichever is sooner. 
18. Publishing Contact Information
Users and visitors do hereby agree that this site may publish including but not limited to, your User ID that you created when you signed up as a member on out site. Users agree to hold us harmless in the event of an error or omission pertaining to the same, and user does agree to monitor their listed information, included in their profile page, and notify us of any editing directly if they wish to change the listed information. Additionally, users and visitors, understand and agree that sending requests for additional information or services will result in the information that you provide going directly to the perspective service providers, and a copy of which may reside on our servers, and that the recipient service provider, will receive that information so that if they need to, they may directly contact you. 

The above information includes the privacy policy and agreement in its entirety, and supersedes any agreements either expressed or implied, unless reduced to writing and signed by both parties, notwithstanding that postings pertaining to privacy or use of this site, may appear in various locations on the site, and will be considered a part of this agreement, and binding to the parties contained herein. 

It is our intention to make your experience here a pleasant and profitable one. We may find it necessary to create and exercise these terms and conditions in order to protect fair trade practices, and the integrity of the site. If you have any suggestions as to how we can improve or protect those that use this site, please contact us by clicking on Contact Us. Thank you for your continued use, and for giving us the opportunity to be of service to you.  

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