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Returns and Exchanges

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Exchange and Return Instructions
Once we published our sizing chart, our return/exchange rate became low single digits.

 Out of all of the pairs I have sold we only refused one pair for a return because they were worn. So as long as they don’t have any scuffs on the bottom or show any signs of wear, we promptly refund your order. So you can confidently just order another pair right away in the size that you need without having to wait. 

Here are the return instructions:

Send them to:
Woolworks, Inc.
403 North D Street
Sprague, WA 99032

Please be sure to include the following.
1) Your name, the same one that the order was placed under.
2) The word MillCrafters
3) Instructions that you want a refund.
4) Send them Priority mail, and be sure and get a delivery confirmation number.
5) Please make sure they are in new resalable condition with all packing materials, and no scuffs on the bottom etc.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be of service to you.
I hope to see you again,

Please note: If you made a purchase including free shipping and free returns please contact us so that we may provide you with a pre-paid return shipping label. Thank you.

Some sizing tips.

1. One foot is usually a little longer than the other, so measure both feet. Best way to do this is to stand up on a sheet of paper and with a pencil make two marks for the length. When stood upon feet usually expand.

2. Looking at the sizing chart on our home page (scroll down to your specific style) In the range of measurements for each size try to pick the one that is closer to the center of your measurement, instead of the extreme top of that range.

3. If you are on the border line between 2 sizes it is usually safer to go up to the next size.

4. Understand that these are handmade so they may vary a little bit, generally speaking by a 1/8th of an inch but a ¼” is possible.

5. If you are doing a return to get a different size please be sure and check how much difference there is in the next size by using the sizing chart. Sometimes the next size is only an eighth of an inch, sometimes 3/8” etc.

A note about exchanges
We are the price leader for true Australian sheepskin quality footwear. We supply mall chain store who get as much as twice this price for these. We cannot afford to sell them this inexpensively and absorb paid out shipping. So on free shipping items we deduct our paid out S&H on refunds.


"I can't tell you how many people come back for more. The whole family falls in love with them."
                                                                                               Bob Feeser, Proprietor

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