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Be sure and measure your feet, and check the sizing charts either on our home page, or on the items individual pages.
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Chestnut tan
9844 Mens Tall Boots
Chestnut tan
129844 Women's Tall Boots
Available in Black, Blue, Burgundy, and Pink
129844+ Women's Tall Boots
Cocoa Cinnamon Shearling
N07-83T Moccasins


Chestnut Tan
89203 Moccasins

Chestnut tan
8929 Moccasin's
Chestnut tan
9906 Men's Scuff Slippers
Chestnut tan
9601L Women's Scuff Slippers
Chocolate Brown
9601CB Women's Scuff Slippers
9601R Women's Scuff Slippers
Chiffon Blue
9601BE Women's Scuff Slippers
9601P Women's Scuff Slippers
Dark Chocolate
N08-93-BN Women's Scuff Slipper
Chestnut tan
9813M Men's Smooth Toe Slippers
Chestnut tan
9813L Women's Smooth Toe Slippers
Chestnut tan
HS03M Men's Slippers
HS03-L Women's Slippers
Cocoa Cinnamon
N09-75B-M Men's Booty Slippers
N09-75B-L Women's Booty Slippers
Cocoa Cinnamon
N09-75-M Men's Soft Sole Slippers
N09-75-L Women's Soft Sole Slippers
9778-M Men's Soft Sole Slippers
9778-L Women's Soft Sole Slippers
Chestnut tan
9907-M Men's Dress Style Dunstin Slipper
210 Inner Soles
Car Wash Mitt
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USPS  Priority Mail is our primary shipping method which gets to anywhere within the Intercontinental US in only 1 to 3 days.
Orders over 4 pounds, usually 3 pairs or more go FedEx 5 day. These insoles when shipped alone go First Class Mail.
White Sheepskin Shearling Insoles
Made with Genuine Australian Sheepskin Shearling
Unisex Sizes Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
(Measurements provided in sizing chart below)

Now You Can Enjoy Affordable Shearling Warmth and Luxury in All of Your Footwear

Make No Mistake About It Foolproof Measuring Guide

Shoes are made all over the world these days, and sizing may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and even within styles from the same manufacturer. The best way to make sure you are getting the right size is to measure your feet. We are one of the very few who give you a foolproof method; we give you the actual dimensions. Now you can shop with armchair convenience and not have to worry about making a mistake.

Shoe Size Inside Length of Your Shoe
210-S Small 9 1/2"
210-M Medium 10 5/8"
210-L Large 11 3/16"
210-XL Extra Large 11 3/4"
Warm and Comfortable
Nothing matches the ruggedness and comfort of sinking your feet into real fur. These are made with genuine Australian sheepskin shearling, not to be confused with cheap imitations. These insole linings add warmth and comfort in everything you wear. 

Pillows For Your Feet
The moment you try these in a pair of your shoes, your immediate thought will be, "I'm buying another pair". It really does feel like you just stepped into pillows for your feet. These come in Small, Medium, Large, and XLarge. (See our eBay store for the other sizes under Accessories or use our Sizing Chart link below.) The natural materials will adjust to your foots shape, and after a day of wearing them, they will fit like a glove. The thick shearling will compress, and relax under the pressure points, while still providing plush comfort in your arch for added support.

If I had to describe in one sentence what makes these so unique, and better than the rest, it is simple, it is the highest quality out there for the very best price. Sure cheaper ones are made, but not anywhere near this quality. Simply put; it's the best for less!

True Value



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